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Dear Sir/Maddam:

I have recently ran across a DS company that goes by the name The Wagon Wheel Company.

Website: www.wagonwheelcompany.com

Face: www.facebook.com/thewagonwheelcompany

Owner: Stacy Dunmire

I signed up for free on the 5th and after days of not receiving any correspondence after reaching out was considering quitting. I was then contacted (very hostily) via Facebook by the owner. We actually talked things out and I said I would stay active and promote more once they worked the kinks out. We even discussed items that had been restocked. She took it upon herself to remove me that day without my approval. I had continued to promote the company and made a few sales. I tried to log into my site to see my commission and could not log in. I sent an e-mail and again days later had not hear back so I reached out to her on Facebook. What happened next can be best summarized by screen shots of her verbally assaulting me, cussing me, and wishing harm upon my child. I personally have a friend that had to get an attorney to write a cease and desist for her last year against Stacy Dunmire for libel as well as threats of bodily harm. Stacy has also scammed people in another flip flop company she had as well as another DS company that went belly up from what I understand. I am still waiting to get the URL's and names of these companies that she previously had. I am going to also have my attorney send her a letter, but feel I need to reach out to you guys as well as other companies to try and put a stop to her vile behavior. God forbid this was the first DS company I ever came across. I would never touch another again. I thankfully know that her company is one bad apple.

I appreciate your attention to this and look back to hearing from you.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I have no solution... I just want this lady STOPPED. I had to contact her local authorities due to the threats. .

I didn't like: Customer service, Owner, Products.

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I was meant to type £60+ pounds not dollars.I think I've lost it.

Anyway never again...It's time to post it on Facebook and Twitter as I have a huge following.

Dayton, Ohio, United States #935805

She is a crazy unprofessional thief. She takes your money, refuses to send merchandise and then lies about it.


I have a customer who she ripped off and they contacted the Bowie, Texas police department and filed a complaint...I believe at first it was online with them.They (police) are now involved.

I strongly recommend any rep or customer that has been ripped off contact the Bowie police department and file a complaint.The more that come forward the best chance we have at putting a stop to her stealing from hard working individuals.

to Anonymous #984857

thank you for this information.Probably too late for me now as I've already ordered and I'm now no longer holding my breath for the goods to arrive.

I've learnt my lesson $60+ dollars later.

Leave that company to God.He sees everything.


I am afraid I am not going to get my stuff now after reading this....horrible.

I wish I could cancel my order. There is no excuse for anyone to talk to someone like that. It's going on 3 weeks since I ordered and I cant even call to check on it, track it from the website... nothing...

I didnt really want to order to begin with but wanted to support my friend (single mom of 3) on her newest business venture..I should've followed my gut and she is quitting now herself.

to skittles99 #954761

That's why ALL these types of businesses are scams...EVERYONE should know this by now.Sellers have to beg family/friends to buy from them.

They especially prey on low income, single moms with promises of making loads of $$$ while staying at home.It's all BS.


Looks like she has also been associated with Jewelry in Candles, Our Hearts Desire, Mineralicious Makeup and possibly the Rustic Shop -- based on the photos included in her timeline photos on her Facebook account.

to Anonymous #910629

She STOLE Rustic Shop's business module.Look at the terms and agreements on both.

She literally copied and pasted.I have had several people reach out to me that they ordered a month ago and have no received their order and no one will respond to their e-mails as well.


I was not a rep for this company but after I saw what horrible customer service this company had I left a bad review on their Facebook page.She proceeded to call me trash, a c*nt, an *** and so on.

Told me that she never wanted me or my friends to purchase from her. She also threaten sue to me for slander.

From what you can see above is the shop owner threatening someones kid.Horrible company and customer service.

Houston, Texas, United States #906047

Show us what you wrote to her and we may take you seriously.

to Somethingismissing Weaverville, North Carolina, United States #906057

Im not sure how to add screen caps, but literally nothing was said except nicely asking about commission and why I couldn't log in.After realizing I was duped I left a poor review of her page (she hid all reviews and comments of her calling me a c*nt) off her page.

She has done this with Our Hearts Desire and Rustic Shop as well.Since reaching out on Fb about this incident I have had several ppl come forward with similar screen shots of her threatening and cussing them.

to Anonymous Weaverville, North Carolina, United States #906058

She was a rep for both and fired***

to Anonymous Bowie, Texas, United States #910964

Know your facts before posting *** remarks!

to Anonymous Fuzhou, Fujian, China #910908

You are nothing but a liar Krystal. You and all your friends. Get a life, hobby, something!

to Anonymous #910918

Hi Stacy!!! Good thing I dont even know Krystal. I ran across this when searching reviews after never receiving my products!

to Anonymous #910933

Liar, Wow how about you step out of the 2nd grade and call it like it is. This company screws people over while the owner makes it sound like it's all the other person's fault! Proof is in the publications!

to Anonymous #910961

Publications?All I see is a pissed off person telling another person off!

Where is all the proof to all the other claims? Where is proof that the company ripped anyone off? Where is the proof that the company is a scam? All this is is slander by a bunch of bored housewives that have nothing better to do with their time then spread lies about a company that aren't even true.

Show me cold hard facts that any of the other things happened and then I might actually care. I am a dedicated rep of this company and the owner is NOTHING like what this woman is saying. I get paid on time every time, get my orders in a timely manner, my customers are VERY happy with the products. So please give one bit of solid proof that these claims are true because so one can!

They want to bash a company on hear say and follow their friends around like dogs from site to site bashing a company over a *** argument between 2 people.The only ones in second grade here are the idiots trying to trash the company for no reason!

to Somethingismissing #906395

I can attest to the fact that nothing was said in between these messages to Stacy.I have had my own run in with her.

She spent DAYS sending me message after message. If I posted on my OWN WALL about the matter she would send me another message. Threatened me, called me a c*** (among other things).

Once you are on her bad side she will harass you till she gets bored.I had almost 10 messages from her without me replying once!

to S. Anderson Weaverville, North Carolina, United States #906477

Thank you! The people coming out of the wood work to tell me their horror stories with this person is crazy. She has been doing this for well over a year!

to krystal.shuler Fuzhou, Fujian, China #910906

You love to spread lies. Get a life and find a hobby!

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