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Two Years later and I'm still waiting on the wallet I ordered. NO answer to emails after I pinned her down for a time I would receive my wallet. THEY ARE THIEF'S!!!!! I know now I will never see either the wallet or my money. She was very rude to me after I had already waited two months for said wallet and then she just stopped answering me all together when I demanded a refund. I hope this company went out of business!! The website was always... Read more

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I am completely freaked out by all these comments, our company is also named Wagon Wheel Design Co, I wish I had seen this before naming my company. Thank goodness these dates are before we opened.

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I ordered 7 Yeti Cups from Wagon Wheel Design Co via Etsy. I was guaranteed delivery by Christmas. The cups were never delivered. I sent repeated messages and got several messages with a different excuse each time. The order was sent, but she could not produce a tracking number. The order was not sent, but being sent out immediately. Order never showed. I asked for a refund. She claimed 4 different times the refund was activated. I finally... Read more

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I placed an order the last week in Sept and it took over 60 days for it to show up and it seemed that she only shipped after I emailed several times. Not only did it take 2 months to arrive but the wrong product was shipped. Luckily I was able to sell the boots (at a loss) as there are no returns allowed from Canada. A week later my daughter placed a $450 order, was told it was shipped 47 days later (conveniently 2 days over Paypal's 45 day... Read more

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Placed an order thru one of their reps in Nov. for some Xmas gifts. Dec. rolls around, no product, company won't respond to emails. Started seeing other people having this problem including the rep. I purchased from so I filed with my credit card company when another rep told me they had shipped mine but then retracted that and said they were trying to get everyone refunded. Several other people I know including my rep also had to file a claim... Read more

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I'm glad you have had great service from this company, but I hate to tell you, you are one of very few. I don't normally say anything bad about a company, I know things happen, but when you don't receive your items that you ordered 6 weeks after you have ordered them and you don't get a response from the emails that you sent. Now, the emails won't even go through, then one needs to speak up. They are not all lies. This company has bad... Read more

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On November 28th, I ordered 3 items. Received confirmation that they received my order and payment, but no confirmation that my order was ever shipped. I have tried emailing them, first time it went through, but no response, now all emails bounce back to me as undeliverable. I have never had anything like this happen to me from a direct sales company before. This kind of service doesn't help the direct sales market, it makes people leery... Read more

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I ordered these cute personalized ornaments as Christmas gifts for Family members-Paypal sent me a confirmation-You sent a payment of $40.35 USD to The Wagon Wheel Company.Nov 28, 2014 13:10:45 PSTReceipt No:0167-5924-6700-9937 I got a review to send in so I sent it in, but 2 wks later still no ornaments. I sent wagon wheel a total of 3 more emails asking when will it come but they wouldn't reply. My consultant who quit the company said they... Read more

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The site says it will take 14 working days to ship. To me, that's monday thru Friday. So, like 3 weeks. Well, I got mine in about 2 weeks. I have read bad things about them but I've only ordered one time and it came within the time stated on their website. I didn't have to contact their customer service so I don't have anything to say about that. But the one who waited 3 weeks, that's about what the site says if you consider working days. My... Read more

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Horrible comany! I have waited and waited for my order! After 4 weeks of waiting patiently, I contacted the company. No reply at first so I kept at it. Excuse after excuse. Not my first rodeo. I have had the run around from bad vendors and its always the same. Computer problems, personal illness, family illness, death in the family....ect, ect,ect. Going to consider this a loss and move on. Read more

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